Robin eley

Private Collection / Closed for Installation​

A collaborative exhibition presented by Robin Eley and David Korins. Across 18 works and an immersive experience, Eley and Korins have created the fictional world of the New or Traditional Art Museum where the greatest works of art hidden from the public have been gathered, but all is not as it would seem.

Jordan Millington

Evolution of Innocence​

A striking, varied and theatrical array of images starring NYC nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch, photographer Jordan Millington‘s Evolution of Innocence series elucidates the electric connection between artist and muse. The entire collection —which probes our ever-developing emotional vantage point of the world — made it’s debut at Lume Studios.

Callen Schaub

Callen Schaub brought his vibrant paintings and dynamic process using trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines to LUME Studios for an exhibition that included a live painting moment for guests to experience.


Creative director Angel Boyd brought together New York native and artist Mike McManus with her family band, Infinity Song, to create a multi-media exhibition that celebrates the spirit of New York City and its people.